Health and Wellbeing

People talk about the 'Great Outdoors', where they go for fresh air.


But we know that people really spend most of their time indoors- 90% of their time in fact. And people are consuming things they cannot see such as fine dust or potential VOC's from paint, plastics, etc. This leads us to ask: How can we make our carpets work better for people? How can we create the 'Great Indoors'?

Our innovation pillars of Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle® design enable us to achieve this: to create carpets that improve people's health and wellbeing when they are indoors.

Through creativity we make carpets that have the right colour, texture and design to form the exact atmosphere our customers want from the inspiring to the reflective. As clothes make the man, so do carpets. And also other parts of the interior can create the place our customers want. We believe that design can have a major impact on people's mental state of mind, thus influencing people's physical condition.

With functionality, we make products that add real practical value. For example, they reduce the amount of fine dust in the indoor air or wipe out some of the unwanted noise. These are just some of the innovations we have delivered.

With Cradle to Cradle® design, we are taking materials and design to the next level, where our products can become even healthier and the materials can be recycled, benefitting the environment.

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